April 2022 – dataset update

We recently held a progress meeting summarising the status of the experimental datasets being produced by the consortium. These datasets are allowing us to monitor a wide range of changes to Antarctic Ice Shelves.

Monthly ice velocity estimates derived from offset tracking ESA Sentinel-1 imagery (credit: Jan Wuite, ENVEO)
Changes in the extent of the Amery Ice Shelf (credit: Jan Wuite, ENVEO)
Grounding line and calving front location on the Amery Ice Shelf, 2011-2020 (credit: Lukas Krieger, DLR)
Ice shelf basal melt rates derived from CryoSat-2 swath-mode elevation change (credit: Noel Gourmelen, Livia Jakob, EarthWave, University of Edinburgh)

October 2021

The consortium’s first paper based on work in this project is in review.

Download this paper here.

Kick-off meeting

The ESA Polar+ Ice Shelves project had its kick off meeting on Tue 15th September 2020. Team members from ESA, University of Edinburgh, Univeristy of Leeds, DLR, ENVEO, EarthWave and FMI had a virtual meeting to discuss the project and all our exciting work ahead!