Dr Anna E. Hogg

Science Lead

Anna is a University Academic Fellow (UAF) at the University of Leeds in the School of Earth and Environment, and is co-director of the NERC SENSE Earth Observation Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT).

Dr Benjamin Davison

Project manager & Earth Observation scientist

Ben is a Research Fellow at the University of Leeds, and his background is in remote sensing of glacier velocity and numerical modelling of ice-ocean interaction

Dr Juha Lemmetyinen

Earth Observation scientist

Juha leads the Cryosphere processes research group (Earth Observation Research Unit) at FMI.

Dr Noel Gourmelen

Earth Observation scientist

Noel is Senior Lecturer of Remote Sensing of the Cryosphere, and director of Edinburgh’s MSc is Earth Observation and Geoinformation Management.

Dr Dana Floricioiu

Earth Observation scientist

Dana is based at DLR and has a background in SAR applications in glaciology. Dana’s role in this project is deriving grounding line and ice shelf area change .

Lukas Krieger

Earth Observation scientist

Lukas is based at DLR and has a background is computer science, SAR applications in glaciology. Lukas’ role in this project is to derive grounding line and ice shelf area change.

Dr Livia Jakob

Earth Observation scientist

Livia is a Research Scientist and Co-Founder of Earthwave. Her background is in Earth Observation and Data Visualisation, with a focus on monitoring ice trends with radar altimetry. Within Polar + Ice Shelves project Livia will be working on the ice thickness changes and basal melt products.

Dr Thomas Nagler

Earth Observation scientist

Thomas is Co-founder and CEO of ENVEO Environmental Earth Observation IT GmbH. Main working fields are the development of methods for retrieval of cryospheric parameters from microwave and optical satellite data and their transfer towards services.

Dr Jan Wuite

Earth Observation scientist

Jan is a Senior Research Scientist at ENVEO since 2012, working on projects focused on development and applications of satellite Earth Observation for determining changes in Arctic, Antarctic and other ice masses. In Polar+ Ice Shelves, Jan will work on the development and implementation of algorithms on ice shelf crack propagation, ice velocity and calving front location.

Dr Ludivine Libert

Earth Observation scientist

Ludivine is contributing to projects focusing on retrieval of  ice motion, landslide displacements and topographic changes in Greenland, Iceland and Antarctica

Dr Markus Hetzenecker

Earth Observation scientist

Markus is a Senior Research Scientist and Senior Software Engineer at ENVEO, working on methodological and software development and implementation for interferometric SAR processing. Markus is in charge of the improvement and optimization of ENVEO’s SAR data analysis software package.